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the Society's desert explorers

It is perhaps fitting for the first post on our new blog site to reference the Society's first meeting in 1885 and quote from the pages of the RGSSA's own publication known as 'The Proceedings'. The Society's meetings (sessions) were first published in 1886 when we were officially known as the Geographical Society of Australasia .  Our 'Proceedings' are littered with true accounts of heroic rescue, survival and death in the desert. image: 'Unloading camels at Port Augusta', South Australia, c. 1893-- Collections, State Library of South Australia Disclaimer: Historical texts and illustrations reflect the societal attitudes of their times References quoted from these texts are not intended to cause offence Actual discussions, opinion pieces and debates at the Society's early meetings about desert exploration in Australia are brought to life in the Proceedings. The 'applause' and 'cheers' from those p

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