Welcome to our new blog site : the first post is coming soon!

It is perhaps fitting, that the research and quoted extracts for the first post on our new blog site is taken from the pages of the RGSSA's own publication known as 'The Proceedings', first published in 1886, when the RGSSA was officially known as the Geographical Society of Australasia

Actual discussions, reports, opinion pieces and debates at the Society's early meetings (sessions) about desert explorations are brought to life in the Proceedings. The 'applause' and 'hear, hear' from those present are recorded in the text; transporting the reader back in time and into the Society's rooms with our 
early desert explorers.

Our 'Proceedings' are littered with true accounts of heroic rescue, survival and death in the desert.

Please note that our posts after June 2015 have been deleted from our previous blog site

We apologise to researchers for the 'dead' links and intend to repost our popular blogs here as soon as possible. 

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