2019: RGSSA Event program

the object of the Society 
is to promote the understanding of geography
among its members and the community

some of our activities include:

Monthly lectures on geographical topics
[Above image: refer to August lecture in the full 2019 program below]
PublicationsAnnual online SA Geographical Journal
                                   Bi-monthly newsletter GeoNews
                                  Occasional publications including 
                              South Australian regional tourism guides 

Day and weekend excursions 

    Flinders Ranges Bush Walks
    Annual Maintenance Program
For maps and navigation of the Flinders Ranges
download the RGSSA App: 'Flinders Ranges Walks'
from the Google app store

In 2019 we offered two opportunities to assist on this program:

Southern and Central Flinders Ranges
held, 7th to 27th May
Based in Quorn, then Ikara in the Flinders Ranges National Park

Northern Flinders Ranges
held, 17th June to 5th July
Vulkathunha in the Gammon Ranges National Park with work in Arkaroola and the north

       Accommodation is in well-found shearers' quarters
with good kitchen and ablution facilities available at all sites

Checking markers, working on tracks (activity matched to your capacity)
Activity hours around 8:00am to 4:00pm including travel time
All equipment is provided but you need a day pack, warm clothes, strong footwear and wet weather gear

Further details can be obtained through the RGSSA office
Tel: (08) 8207 7265
email: admin@rgssa.org.au
All contact details are on the Society's website
Members are advised through the GeoNews

Monthly Meetings 
Lectures are held in St Andrews Parish Centre
43 Church Terrace Walkerville
For access, enter and park off Fuller Street
All lectures are held on a Thursday at 5:30 pm
Changes in venues and times are otherwise noted
Monthly notifications
and details of lecture meetings are posted on our Facebook page
  2019 Lecture Program  
'Upcoming Lectures' are broadcast on the Society's website
Lecture Program page
Selected lectures are available on our YouTube channel

February [held, 21st] 
'Exploration revisited 1904:
Barclay-McPherson relics recovered in 2018'
Larry Perkins [pictured]

            This lecture is available on our YouTube channel

March [held, 21st]                    
'Walk across Australia: the first solo crossing'
Lieutenant Colonel David Mason

April [held, 11th]                
'Our Climate and Antarctica'
                 Beth Walton
          preceded by RGSSA
        Annual General Meeting
April [held] 
RGSSA Awards by invitation
in the presence of the Governor of S.A.
Government House at 5.00 pm
May [held, 16th] 
'Lake Eyre Aboriginal Way Map: An Incredible journey'
Joc Schmiechen

June [held, 20th]          
'Frank Rees George'
Brock Lecture
Rob George              

July [held, 18th] 
'Fight Food Waste: Cooperative Research Centre'
Dr Steven Lapidge

cover image:
RGSSA Event Program 2019
pamphlet available to view online

coming lectures: 
August, Thursday 15th 
'From Cape to Cairo: Africa and Geopolitics'
Presented by Hans Gnodtke who has an in-depth knowledge of Africa
acquired over many years with the German Foreign Service.
RGSSA Lecture and Activity Program
pdf download, 1 page

September, Thursday 19th 
'Space Archaeology : Sonic Trowels and Space Junk'
Dr Alice Gorman
RGSSA Lecture and Activity Program
pdf download, 1 page

October, Thursday 17th 
'Botanical Explorations'                    
Presented by Dr Lucy Sutherland who is the current
 Director of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens
and will be speaking to us about Botanical Explorations.
RGSSA Lecture and Activity Program
pdf download, 1 page

November, Thursday 21st  
'Bio-geographical questions of large reptile dispersal
             across Australia and the South Pacific'            
                                              Dr Paul Willis
RGSSA Lecture and Activity Program
pdf download, 1 page
Further information about lecture content is emailed 
to members closer to the event 
Members can also read about upcoming lectures in the GeoNews

Christmas Dinner
December, Thursday 5th
6:30 for 7:00 pm
Venue: TBA, Adelaide
Field Trips/ Events 
Proposed events include:
Tour to Eyre Peninsula (Gawler Ranges)
Roxby Downs Environmental Unit (via Woomera)

 May to June 2019
BIRDS : First Images of our Avian Fauna

RGSSA Exhibition Catalogue, 2019
An overview of our bird books : page 9
Handbook to The birds of Australia 
by John Gould, 1804-1881.
RGSSA Library copy dated 1865.
Call Number: rgsp 598.0994 G697 1865
'A naturalist who visited South Australia in its infancy was John Gould, 'The Bird Man'. He came to South Australia in 1839 to collect birds. He stayed only a few months and was probably the first naturalist of note to reside in South Australia. He was obsessed with his vast collection of birds and had no time for insects unfortunately. Charles Wilson does not mention him. It is likely that Charles in 1839 was helping his family settle into their home on the banks of the River Torrens.'--South Australian Geographical Journal, vol. I 03, 2004 : pages 15-24.
[Some early reports of insects in Australia:
with particular reference to South Australia and the 
work of Charles Algernon Wilson (1818-1884), Adelaide's first 
John G. Wilson]

The Birds of Australia : in seven volumes
by John Gould, 1804-1881. 
Vol. 5, 1848.
Call Number: rgsp 598.0994 G697 1865 
Available online from the

Adelaide Parrakeet.

Platycercus  Adelaidiæ,
Gould in Proc. of Zool. Soc., Part VIII. p. 163.
Pheasant Parrot, Colonists of South Australia.

The beautiful Platycercus is a native of South Australia, and from the circumstances of my having procured some of my finest specimens in the very streets of that embryo city, I have been induced to give it the specific name of Adelaidiæ. In all probability the bird may in a few years be looked for in vain in the suburbs of this rapidly increasing settlement, as it is too large a species and possesses too many attractions to remain unmolested; indeed it is even now much persecuted and destroyed by the newly-arrived emigrants, who kill it either for mere sport or the table; for, like the other Platycerci, all of which feed on grass-seeds, it is excellent eating.--John Gould
pdf download, 12 pages

Special Events
Rare Book Discussion Group
Meets on 4th Thursday of each month
at 10:30 am in the Society rooms
2019: RBDG program (previous blog post)
For further information and online bookings also refer to the Society's website

the Library
The above image shows an example of our beautiful Gould bird books.
Call Number: rgsp 598.2 G697 1833 c  
RGSSA catalogue
The Library's Collection consists of a unique set of resources
as described on the Society's website
The Society is always interested in welcoming new members and volunteers
Please refer to the membership information on our website
Contact the Office Manager for enquiries

Educators can obtain CPD certificates for lecture attendances

 Please check for updated information regarding all Program Events for 2019
in the GeoNews or the Society's website
our Facebook page or
Contact us

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